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what is a semi-precious stone?


what is a semi-precious stone?

Probably because of the name of the "semi-precious stone", semi-precious stones always give people a suspicion of " adulteration." This doesn't sound too high on the semi-precious stones, because people don't understand, and inexplicably bear the low-end stigma. Today, we come to name the semi-precious stones and tell you what is the real semi-precious stone.

What - what is a semi-precious stone?

In the small misunderstandings that people have no intention of, they will always identify some fake counterfeit products as "semi-precious stones" without knowing them. In fact, semi-precious stones are only a category name for gemstones. In the world of gems, the division of this wonderful material is tens of thousands. In gemmology, in addition to the classification of gems into natural gems, natural jade, natural colored stones, natural organic gems, and the like, there is a classification that is more "simple and rude": the gems are divided into precious gems and semi-precious stones.

At this time, you must ask, why do you divide the gems so hard? In fact, the basis is the value or hardness of the gem. Compared to precious stones, semi-precious stones have lower hardness or value, but many types still bring a high popularity to semi-precious stones.

Who - who is a semi-precious stone?

To find out the semi-precious stones, start with the "enemy" precious stones! BlingBling's sparkling diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and elegant emeralds are all well-known precious stones. So what gems belong to semi-precious stones? So easy, the rest of the gems can basically belong to semi-precious stones!

Who - who is a Blue Sodalite?

As blue is rare color in rock, just a few kinds of Semi Precious Stone are blue, such as blue agate, blue sodalite, lapis. If you favor Agate Table Top, blue agate side table, perhaps you also will like this kind of blue sodalite table.

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